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Join Bunny Club – The most fun way to expand your wardrobe with The Hunnys Closet: Digital Dressup Dolls!

*See below for full membership terms.  Some exclusions may apply.


Monthly membership

Pay every month and cancel any time!


Quarterly membership

Pay every 3 months and get 15% off! ⭐RECOMMENDED!⭐


Yearly membership

Pay every 12 months and get 20% off!

Gift a Membership

Feeling the giving spirit? Gift a membership to a friend, a loved one, a cupcake – anyone! 

Bunny Club Benefits


  • Members will recieve all digital shop items listed on in the given month. However, we reserve the right to exlcuse certain items such as limited edition content, 1/1s, unique contest rewards, or other rare exceptions.
  • Items are digital NFTs recieved for use within the Hunnys Closet. There are no physical goods recieved with membership.
  • A membership gets you 1 free copy of every single Hunnys Closet Shop item that gets added that month, whether we add 1 item or 120 items. 
  • You receive all of the eligible content for the month you purchased in, regardless of when you bought that month.
  • Items, including bases, will be airdropped at the end of each month
  • You will not retroactively get items from previous months.
  • Memberships can be cancelled without notice from your Account Page 
  • Eth address that you receive the items to can be edited from the Account Page. 
  • If the wrong address is provided, it is the sole responsability of the account holder and we cannot recover your items due to the nature of the blockchain.
  • Membership may sometimes get additional surprise airdrops or bonuses.
  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable
  • Hunnys is not liable for hacked wallets or stolen items.
  • For support please visit or contact