Experience the Magic of the Bunny Kingdom

the original blockchain dressup doll

Hunnys is an award-winning brand of customizable digital collectible dolls backed by a fantastical story. Take home your forever doll today to style, dye and never leave your side.

Get your very own Hunnys collectible and let your imagination run wild with endless styling options. With their award-winning design and fantastical story, these digital dolls make the perfect forever companions. Get yours now!

our NFTS

Introducing Hunnys – a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These programmatically generated dolls quickly generated over $2.1 million in trade volume, making them the world’s largest dress-up dolls on the blockchain. Get yours today!

The Story

In our dystopian future, any cosmetic enhancement imaginable is at your fingertips – Just insert credits and press a few buttons on your nearest HunnyMatic™

Follow the journey of Bunny Queen Mika and find out what happens to a society where anyone can achieve ultimate beauty.

Bunny Queen Mika is the brave leader of the Bunny Kingdom, a magical land filled with wonder and adventure.

Together with her companions and pet bunny Hubert, Mika embarks on journeys where they encounter magical storms, monsters, and otherworldly challenges.


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