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Shop the best of the Bunny Kingdom. From Digital Collectibles to All-Day Jammies, we have it all!

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hunnys closet

Shop the best of the Bunny Kingdom! Get brand new, limited wearables to dress up your digital Dolly in the closet!


Buy our best IRL wearables with that weird old-timey paper money. From art prints to comfy wardrobe staples, there’s something for everyone.

hunnys 10k

Become an official cupcake with one of our 10,000 programmatically generated digital collectibles launched in September 2021. The most affordable way to join the hive!

Blockchain Merch NFts

Our innovative blockchain-based merch shop. Buy limited edition NFTs with Ethereum that you can sell, trade, gift, hoard or redeem for matching items.

Hunnys Seasons

Hunnys Seasons are monthly holder rewards with fun themes are voted on by the community. Seasons NFTs each include limited-edition closet wearables.

Hunnys ogs

Become a real OG with one of only 150 hand-drawn, vintage Hunnys from our founder collection. 


Grab your slice of history with CryptoStacys very first NFT collection. Minted March of 2021, these are amongst the first female-led women’s representations on the blockchain and true collectors items.