February’s Bunny Club Rewards

Well, February flew by faster than a bunny wiggles its whiskers, what a great month, bun buns! Let’s leap on over to a summary of all the @✨Bunny Club✨ rewards from this month:

  • SuperBowl LVIII Set
  • Hunnys Valentine’s Day 2024
  • Silly Animals Pack
  • Inkfinite Friends Tats Pack
  • Bunny Club Connection
  • Gypsy the Fortune Teller (Seasons)
  • Dolly Base OR Leap Year Surprise!

We thank you ALL for being a part of Bunny Club,you make us feel HUPE for everything to come! Not a member yet? Hop your bunny butt on over to https://hunnys.io/bunnyclub to make sure you don’t miss out the month of March! Pssst, Bunny Club also makes a great gift to spoil your friends to the endless creativity of the Hunnys Closet for just $24.99 a month, ohhhh baby!! Can we buy items a la carte?:HunnyUGH: Yah, so you know someone that just NEEDS those silly animal skin and dye set, we gotchu.

  • Anyone can buy items directly in the closet dApp!
  • Buying any one item from a pack will bundle all the corresponding items from that pack automatically!
  • Bunny Club Members save 10% automatically

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