Things to do

We have, like, a lot going on. Check out some fun ways to get involved in the Hive festivities.

Hupe Scouts

Hupe Scouts is the official community-owned derivative brand of Hunnys. Holders can create, earn and grow the collection using innovative decentralized technology.

Join the Discord

Join the Hunny Hive Home Base on Discord and become a part of the family! Chat with other members, play games, enter giveaways, and talk to the team.


Discover the magical world of Hunnys and the Bunny Kingdom with our Lore page! Learn about the adventures of Mika and Hubert and the hidden secrets of the Hunnys universe, or add your own discoveries!

Royal Birthdays

Every year you can claim a special birthday NFT for FREE. Join Discord and teach Dorothy your birthday to get yours.


Follow us on Youtube and Twitch for new Hunnys content! We regularly post new drawings, events, and education.

Bunny University

Check out Bunny University, where you can learn to launch your own NFT projects, create cool website, and level up your skills for free!