Use AI to Start A New Website/Business in 1 Hour

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Class Summary

This assignment is based off of the free Bunny University class provided by the Hunnys NFT team on December 19, 2022 at During the class, extensive demos of burgeoning AI tools were on display, showing off practical ways to help you start a new website or business in record time. The assignment below is a way of showing your understanding & comprehension of this topic.

Upon completion of the project, you will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion from the Hunnys NFT team! Simply provide your checklist & minting website to Stacys or Rat Benetar inside of the Hunnys Discord so that it can be reviewed for the receipt of your certificate.


Help Documents

Slide deck from the class:
Bunny University #3 – How to Use AI

AI Tools

chatGPT (free): 

RunwayML (freemium): 

Website Tools

Google Sites (free):

Carrd (Free 7-day trial, then $19/year):

  1. I have created my free OpenAI account
  2. I have created my free RunwayML account (optional)
  3. I understand that this tech is evolving faster than things like copyright law can keep up with. As a result, I understand that the Hunnys team does not claim to be an authority on what is/is not considered fair or legal use of any content I create with these tools
  4. I understand how to use text-to-image tools like DALL·E 2 or RunwayML to create stock images for my website
  5. I understand how to use chatGPT to generate long-form and short-form written marketing content
  6. I understand how to use chatGPT to provide a template for things like business proposals, emails, team member biographies, product descriptions, and more
  7. I understand how to use chatGPT to repurpose existing content I have for use on specific social platforms (Twitter Threads, Instagram Posts, Discord announcements, etc.)
  8. I have started a brand new website/brand/business with the help of at least some amount of content from tools such as chatGPT, DALL·E 2, or RunwayML
  9. I understand that RunwayML is more expansive than most other text-to-images services as it includes tools for video editing, text-to-3D modeling, image augmentation, and more
  10. I had fun and look forward to additional Bunny University classes! (optional)

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