The Bot-lers of Bunny kingdom

The Bot-lers greet you with a boop an a beep. It’s the only way they know how to speak so pay attention to their Bunslator to translate everything. It’s located on their chest and scrolls across a little screen.

The Bot-lers Lewk

-4 Bunnys tall
-Shiny metallic and iridescent
-Wiggly arms
-Robackpack full or gadgets and gizmos

  • A belt with an array of Swiss Army knives
    Plink plobsters and Ray blasters, Hunny bee zappers and pizza cutters.
  • eyes glow with a hue of your choice
  • small half round bot ears
  • a mouth made of BCD bunny crystal display.
  • they are UwU faced
  • a headband
  • 360 degree wheely feet
  • nice shades on top of their head to block stupid sun days when they aren’t working on Sunday Bunday.

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