Princess SoLara of the Sun Kingdom

Meet Princess SoLara ruler of the Sun Kingdom. Leader of the sisterhood of the Sun and teacher of the league of light.

SoLara is quite skillful and creative, not just in war strategy, but also as a scholar and the life of a party.

SoLara’s personality is a very dualistic one. At times she exhibits a very serious down to business sense at others, she is the vision of fun, laughing, smiling and enjoying her free time.

Her attitiude changes almost daily, depending on certain situations. She uses her wisdom to decide how she should react in a situation.

As a scholar she displays her wisdom through various ways, especially in war, thinking out carefully who should win and then aiding them.

She also shows her wisdom by being a scholar and teacher. Teaching specifically horticulture because her kingdom is responsible for the preservation of the starflower fields. The very ingredient need for starflower soup. Also the energy resources needed to power her kingdom and all of the bunny kingdom. When she’s not on a battlefield or in a classroom she likes to have fun.

She loves to spend her free time at the beach and her sisterhood and family. In the kingdom of the sun it’s always beach day unless the Apple eaters are around. The biggest party she lives for is the day of the flowering meadow.

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