Skuzz Berrys

So we found these berries that sparkle like fairies, and under the microscope they’re a little bit hairy but honestly it really is nothing too scary.

They seem kinda harmless, other than a faint pineapple taste, but not eating fresh fruit would be such a waste, so we ate some.

We honestly don’t know where they came from, but apparently someone said if you eat them you’ll uncontrollably start to speak in rhyme.

& if you think you can stop it, you’re gonna have a bad time.

No matter what you say, or what you do, you’ll find yourself rhyming before your sentence is thru.

Whether in 4’s or 2’s, A’s or B’s, the flows you choose are always the bees knees.

In the end, words do tend to have a similar sound, depending on how you bend them & bring them around.

But you’ll have a new found phenomenal grasp of grammar, as strong as an ox, a hound or a hammer, and an extensive vocabulary as big an ol tree, all your fans will say you glamor as they cheer you with glee.

And you’ll always know your vernacular flow will create a fun time, that is sure to steal the show, where ever you come from, where ever you go, in the rain, the sun, the fall or the snow

You’ll rhyme like a pro and you’ll know it because, everyone will ask “Was this written by Skuzz?” But don’t worry or scurry up off in a hurry cause eventually your rhymes will start to get slurry.

You’ll mix up your syllables and before you can tell, you’ll have finally reached the end of this spell, things go back to normal, as the rhymes say farewell to the times that were merry cause you ate a Skuzz Berry

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