The Sprinkles Of Bunny Kingdom

✨ Watch out for falling stars, If you’re lucky enough to catch some of their dust, you can bring a Sprinkle to life just wait and you’ll open your eyes to wonderlust!

🌈Got your start dust? Good, let’s go! Now place it into a heart shaped jar, tie with ribbon and bow. Put on some music, blow it a kiss, then add a pinch of rainbow honey, that will surely do the trick! After 3 days have passed a tiny Sprinkle will greet you at last! What are the Sprinkles of Hunnys, many ask, they are not pixies, goddamnit so don’t you dare call them that!

✨ The Sprinkles are the tiniest beings, they love to collect tiny magical things… sparkles from clouds, and bubbles from sparkling cider and moon cheese and tarts, teddy bear buttons that have fallen off and their favorite and collecting leaves off the sparkling evergreens, when even on the hottest days you can sit under them and chill with a perfect breeze, and yep I said leaves not needles you see it’s Bunny Kingdom and things aren’t always as they seem.

💞 The Sprinkles keep all these things safe in a glass backpack that looks like a star, it shimmers in the light and glows in the dark. It’s adorned with charms and keychains and handmade patches using iridescent spiderwebs and pink birch bark.

🧁 When you see the Sprinkles you’ll know, they have a very beautiful glow, their eyes sparkle like candy, they have pastel rainbow colored hair, with bows and barrettes and cute hair clips.

🔒 They each wear a large clear locket that looks like a star, hanging on a delicate chain. Inside the locket they have sprinkles of every color in sight!

🍒 Each sprinkle inside their locket holds a healing power to be gifted to the other friends in the Bunny Kingdom if they are ever in need. From small things like a burn from spilling hot tea, to bunny fever, or being injured from the apple eater’s vicious attack… (the pink ones are just delicious, tho and make a great snack)

What do the Sprinkles look like?

– they can fly ( their magical backpack also has sparkle rocket boosters, duh
– Pastel rainbow hair – Cute eyelashes – clip’s barrettes and bows headbands
– “a glow” – sparkling candy eyes – clear star shaped backpack that glows at night and shimmers in the light – a large clear locket full of colorful healing sprinkles – cute dresses with Peter Pan collars, “half “sweaters adorned with cute patterns and a pocket to keep their stash of pocky sticks, because healing is tricky sometimes and you just need a bite.
-Poof ball earrings with faces on them
– a happy cloud friend that follows them around
– they are addicted to mochi and the moon crust off of sparkle party pizza

🧁 The Sprinkles live inside small houses that look like cupcakes, duh, what else did you think?!

Each one is frosted perfectly with sprinkles and a cherry!

🍬Each cupcake is decorated with all sorts of things from the Bunny Kingdom. From candy to trinkets tiny pebbles they have painted with the whiskers of a cat.

🚪 The most welcoming doors made chocolate bars, with a smiley face door knocker, the chimney is a colorful licorice rope, the smoke that floats out turns into cotton candy.

🥨 Pretzels make great windows and fruit rolls blow in the breeze as curtains wafting fruity goodness all across those within smell distance.;) Gummi bears are “gargoyles” to keep the Sprinkles safe! Tiny trees that grow sour fruit heads that smile in the sun.

☀️ All in all it’s a great place to be, but you’ll have be Sprinkle size to enjoy what’s inside, that’s where there’s everything that could run through your mind, from lazy day couches made of clouds and snowflakes, saunas with sparkling cider waterfalls and tiny ‘butler bees’ to serve the sprinkles treats and always keep things clean. Maybe if your lucky a Sprinkle with give you one of their “sprinkle me” sprinkles to eat!

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