Vanessa the Night Fairy

Vanessa is a fairy of the night, a tiny little sorceress with flowing golden hair and wings like a butterfly.

Vanessa prefers being alone. She is reluctant to communicate with other fairies, but gets along well with the inhabitants of the night. Most of all she loves owls.

The night fairy guards people’s sleep. It is her duty to make sure that everyone in the kingdom sleeps peacefully and safely. The owls help her. When the sun sets and the moon appears in the sky, owls fly out of their hiding places and patrol the area.

In order for the birds to be invisible and not wake anyone up, Vanessa endowed them with various features. By making the flight of these animals noiseless, the sight keen, and the mind sharp. If suddenly you can’t fall asleep, call the sorceress to yourself, and you will immediately feel how you fall asleep. It means that Vanessa whispers a lullaby in your ear.

The Night Fairy knows exactly how important sleep is, so she will gladly help those who need it!

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