Fame Lady Society Magazine Vol 1. Featuring CryptoStacys

Today Fame Lady Society, which is the community-owned project that stemmed from Fame Lady Squad, released their first official FameUS magazine. What an incredible accomplishment!

The magazine is truly beautiful, and you can really tell how much work and blockchain innovation went into this.

I am truly honored to have been asked to be featured inside the magazine with a lengthy interview from the amazing CardiBee, a long time web3 friend and active member of the society.

I am so proud of this community! I have transcribed the interview below for all to see.

Samantha, also known as Stacys, is the founder and artist of the Hunnys NFT collection. She has worked as a digital solutions creator and has been involved in the Web3 world since 2021. We are truly honored to have the opportunity to have Cardibee interview our Queen Bunny for this special edition of FAMEUS.

Samantha, also known as Stacys, is the founder and artist of the Hunnys NFT collection. She has worked as a digital solutions creator and has been involved in the Web3 world since 2021. We are truly honored to have the opportunity to have Cardibee interview our Queen Bunny for this special edition of FAMEUS.

Cardi: Thank you for spending your Thursday with us.

Stacys: Thank you so much for having me. I was so excited when you guys brought this idea to me to do this as a Spaces with my favorite people. It feels extra special because the magazine is already special, but getting to do it with you two here in a space just really puts a cherry on top for me. It feels like Web 3 is coming full circle right now. So I’m really excited.

Cardi: Well, that’s incredible. We are so happy to have you and we’ve all been looking forward to it. I think the magazine is meant to be a representation of what the Fame Ladies are right now and what they stand for, who’s involved, but also how we got here. I’m really excited to talk to you on a Spaces like this because you’ve been a Fame Lady for a long time, longer than me. You have also been a really important part of the history of the Fame Ladies. And so, I’m not trying to make you blush or anything over there. I’m just like to set the stage and pretty much everyone here knows you, but this will be recorded and all that for posterity. So we wanna make sure that we give you all the credit that’s due. So let’s start with your main piece in Web3, which is, you are the founder and now co-owner of the Hunny’s project. I think everyone here knows what the Hunnys is, but at this point, I just want to hear: what’s your elevator pitch for Hunnys in 2023? Because I would love to hear it.

Stacys: Yeah, it’s been a journey like all other NFT founders trying to figure out why we did it and where it’s going. But I guess the elevator pitch is, like, we’re really just trying to be the coolest digital doll on the Blockchain. I think that collectibles have been such a big part of my life. I love to collect real dolls and I experience a problem which many other people do, which is I’m out of physical space in my house. And so the idea is having a digital doll that is there for me to own forever. You know, it’s mine. I can keep them in my little wallet or my backpack

or whatever you want to call it forever and keep growing that collection digitally in a way that actually has provenance to it is really enticing to me. And so that’s the direction that we are headed in. Well, people love nostalgia.

Jilly: I’ll just speak for myself, I don’t care at all what the market thinks or whatever. I know what it is. I know how it makes me feel. I know it’s a new kind of asset and what you touched on there about being able to collect these beautiful, amazing digital assets is that they don’t, you don’t have to store them. You don’t have to clean them. You don’t have to dust them and you can show them off to the world at any moment just by changing your Twitter profile. Like who wants some dusty old moldy thing?

Stacys: I know, well said no mold on my NFT wallet. Just a couple wallet drainers. But other than that it’s fine.

Cardi: So you’re happy (laugh). One thing I want to give you credit for: you always lived the decentralized dream. Like you’ve always pushed to try to do things on chain. You’ve always done everything you can to have things that are functional for people in a Blockchain environment. Blockchain and decentralization and these sort of concepts are important to you. But why?

Stacys: That’s a really good question. I think as a person in general, I have a big problem with too much centralized power and I see that having real consequences in the world. People dying, human suffering. And so when I learned about decentralization and kind of its role in Web 3, it was really appealing to me because I think there’s a lot of value in decentralization at every scale, right? So on a large scale, I mean, we’re talking about decentralizing government powers so they don’t go on rampages and kill all their citizens. And on a small scale, we’re talking about owning our assets and our items so that Opensea can’t just rug a collection we’ve been working on for two years because they felt like it. So it’s just I feel like it’s such an important core principle in every factor of our life to just kind of decentralize control and power and, give as much agency to people as we possibly can while obviously maintaining like a societal structure.

Cardi: I’m a huge believer in decentralization and I try to put myself on the line to be part of that. But, you know, one thing I gotta say uh Stacy is that it’s just, there’s so little good execution in the space. There’s so many promises that don’t get met. There’s so many ideas that I think don’t get realized. What is your prediction of the space and or more maybe more exactly if you, know, if everyone is positive about it, what do you think it will take to pull out of the current down market? I’m sorry to hit with your hard questions.

Stacys: No, it’s really interesting. Um I agree with a lot of what you said. I think when it comes to NFTs, what we’re seeing right now is a lot of the founders that decided to not rug they are building out their road maps. A lot of our road maps are looking very similar and a lot of us are learning the same thing which is that there’s only gonna be the same 100 people to care about this unless we can make these interfaces and stuff way, way, way easier to use. So sorry, part of my language. So I think a lot of

the big projects are going to be moving towards that, because we’re not gonna be able to access larger markets until we do. Nobody in their right mind, aside from degens, is ever gonna learn all this stuff. It’s too hard.

Jilly: I wanted to say one thing about all of this and it’s actually super important to me as far as the whole concept of NFT projects and the people that love them and the people that are in them and why it’s so important to be with your people and grow. And that is simply because this world is weird and like these projects give us an opportunity for all of us to decide the value of something and share it and there’s a real power in a community doing that. To me, that’s one of the biggest things about NFT projects and the people that love them and your people is that you can build this huge community that respects this asset and then you all are a part of an economy of like-minded souls. I don’t know. That part to me is the most intriguing part of NFTs and, you know, deciding how much things are worth and all that kind of stuff. What do you guys think about that?

Stacys: Yeah, I totally agree. I came into this space kind of like a loner. Like I always have been and the experience of, you know, not only being part of different communities but trying to build my own community was really interesting because I don’t know, you just have this thing connecting you and you could have nothing else in common but you have this one thing and it’s a really beautiful thing and like you said, you know, determine what value you derive from it. And I think like, I guess the only negative thought I had is that I do feel like there’s a lot of cases where it’s really not the larger portions of the community determining it. It’s like a of the most wealthy individuals, which is like one of the sad factors I think has come in from with all the stuff that we were trying to get away from and we just didn’t do a good job of being away from it yet, I guess. But um when it comes to that emotional value and that value of connection and community, I definitely think you’re right. Like that’s something that no one can take away from us. And I think Fame Lady Society is a shining example of that.

Cardi: Well, that’s appreciated. And I completely agree with you personally, like I’ve always seen NFTs as mementos. And I feel like you can kind of create your own thing and you’ve done that really well in the space. So what I want to ask you, Stacys is, would you mind telling everyone kind of how you got into Fame Ladies became a Fame Lady?

Stacys: Yeah. Wow. How did I get into Fame Ladies? Well, I was heavily into the NFT space when the project first launched, which I’m sure everyone here knows the story about already, but it was the Russian scammers. They were serial like scammers going around and making any, you know, niche project they could think of to make as much money as possible doing crazy stuff, like, you know, just lying about who their teams were, who they were, what they were doing. Um It was wild and like, of course, the original project was owned by these people and I just kind of watched the whole journey unfold of like the Fame Ladies rise to fame when nobody knew like the truth about what was happening and it was this really, really popular, hot, you know, asset that everybody wanted. It was the first, you know, whatever they marked it as the first women’s project or whatever. And then I just watched the whole thing like the handover with ArtChick um handing it over to the community. I watched people take it over and do whatever they wanted with it. I don’t even remember exactly when I got my first Fame Lady, but I was always wanted to be involved in the project just because I think it’s a really

cool historic piece. Like I don’t even know if another NFT has been through this much. Uh especially when it comes to like, you know, Blockchain history that relates to depictions of women which is obviously an interesting topic for me. So that was a really long way of saying, I don’t actually remember when I specifically bought it but I remember how the whole thing unfolded and it was really cool to watch and I think everyone should own one.

Cardi: Yeah. Buy it and wrap it and save it. Right. Yeah. Save them, save them. We’re all about saving the lady. Save a Lady today, like a Super Mario or whatever. Save Princess Peach. Yeah, she can be in your castle or wallet. But, you know, from my perspective, it’s way more than that personally. It’s just because from what we’ve seen, whenever there was what I like to call the Civil War earlier this year where we took back the project. You were someone that stood up at a very pivotal moment, and stood out for the people that are actually trying to do something with the project. And now you are someone who is actually part of that history. That’s why this is such a big deal to have you on the space as part of the magazine because we really appreciate and I’m speaking for all of us here. I know for a fact we really appreciate what you were willing to do for the project whenever you stood up at that point in time. It means a lot to us and I have to ask you: whenever you look back at that moment how did you know, basically where the legitimacy went with the project, like what was the thought process there if you don’t mind me asking?

Stacys: Yeah. Interesting. So when this initially first got brought to my attention, I had spoken to Jilly, I think about like, what was going on and, you know, Jilly told me it pretty in depth, like what they thought was happening. And obviously, I thought that was horrible and I felt really bad about it and obviously like any good centrist does I reached out to, um, what’s her name that I, uh, no, um, the glasses one, what I reached out to Ignition and I reached out to Becky because I wanted to know what their side of the story was because like, you know, if there’s ever an opportunity to just, sometimes people get their signals crossed and sometimes people just don’t like each other and there’s bad blood or whatever. So I like to try to just figure out if there’s an opportunity to communicate or just like, clear things up for people and just avoid conflict and issues. Well, the answer I got from Becky was nothing, which we’re all pretty used to at this point. And the answers I got from, you know, Ignition were not great. So at that point, I think we all tried to give them as much opportunity as we possibly could to just speak about it. We all tried to reach out to them, talk to them, privately, talk to them in public. And you were there when we all held that spaces, it was held by Becky and she was addressing the Fame Lady community and it was to clear this all up, all these allegations, all these problems, all these things that the community wanted that weren’t being addressed and that didn’t happen at all. [In the Spaces they] didn’t let anyone come up and ask questions, they didn’t answer any of the questions from the community. They skirted around everything like it was crazy and we were all so mad after that Spaces and at this point I was just invested into

it and it was pretty clear to me what was going on at that point because it’s like sometimes in the beginning you’re not sure. But you give chances and you give chances and it was clear who should be sided with at that point. I don’t know if that makes sense, but uh it wasn’t them and yeah, it wasn’t that hard to talk about really. I don’t really like to think about things too much before I say them, which is probably not a good quality, but um I usually just say whatever I feel like, and I felt like, you guys were in the right. So that’s what I said. I hope that was an OK answer and that’s what you were asking.

Cardi: Amazing answer. And so it’s the double rug, right? This is the only double rug project that I still think is kept going. Like I’ve never, I don’t think that there’s, if there’s anything to claim it’s just as you said, like something, a project that’s been through such a journey. Thank you all very much for showing up the spaces and being part of, what is for us, a really important project to put together a magazine and release it to the community. So there’s one last part of the story I want to talk about Stacys actually because we’re kind of riding that wave. I personally think that this book, like if it is this the book of the Civil War era, I feel like it’s closed. Why? Because as you said during the Russian handover saga, like how the realtor got the contract, was through ArtChick and then recently she wrapped the Zero Lady in the collection. I don’t think most collections even have a zero. ArtChick has the number one minted Lady and sent it to the super developer Flick, one of Stacys favorites, and got it wrapped. And in that act she’s shown real support for the Fame Lady Society. And I feel like at that point it’s over, we claim the legitimacy of the history of Fame Ladies. I know you’re not gonna disagree with that Stacys.

Stacys: I agree that was like a beautiful closure to this whole thing. And ArtChick has been super involved in everything from the beginning. And even when we were all communicating like Becky and them trying to get a peaceful resolution, ArtChick and I were talking and she was trying to help a lot in the background and just like to mediate some of this stuff with those girls too. And even when she is not necessarily like minting Token Zero and wrapping it, which is the coolest thing that’s ever happened, she’s been a huge part of this so people give ArtChick a lot of shit, but she’s really awesome. I think that’s been my impression.

Cardi: Well, thank you for answering that and also thank you for filling us in on ArtChick. Definitely a huge fan of ArtChick. She’s probably the most important person in Fame Lady Society history. And so we really appreciate her support and always being there as part of it, yours as well. You’re an incredibly important part of it as well and that’s why it means so much supposed to be on stage. And so I have to ask you though, as someone that I’ve seen build communities and who has been a big part of Web3. What is it about the Fame Ladies that makes it so appealing?

Stacys: There’s a lot of things that make it appealing for me, like this journey that you all have been through and that the token has been through is so fascinating. I don’t think there’s a more interesting story in Web3 personally. And I feel like I know a lot of them, I think this is the best story with the way that the original contract happened. You know, it was handed over to these women through this big community effort who were supposed to be leaders and they, I don’t know, let greed get to their heads or what, but they turned it and then the community came together to just find this solution that’s only really possible in an environment like this. It’s so cool and that’s something that I think no matter where the community goes, who takes it over what happens, you know, from here on out it can’t be taken away from you. It’s fascinating historically to me as someone who loves this technology and the art and everything surrounding Web3. And you know, the other piece is you guys, like I’ve never seen such a passionate group of people like rally behind something and get excited about it and show up for it. And I think you all do a great job of making it very appealing and look like something that people want to be a part of. Your energy and your excitement and the way you carry yourselves makes me want to be involved and I feel lucky that I get to. So, yeah, good job. Thumbs up.

Cardi: Well I give everyone here so much credit for that. This has been absolutely amazing. Again we appreciate everyone for showing up. Uh, Jilly do you want to ask her any questions?

Jilly: Oh, well, I don’t know if I wanna ask her any questions as much as just tell you Samantha how much I love you and appreciate you. And we wouldn’t be here without you. And that’s why we wanted you in the magazine because we owe everything to you because no one would stand up for us and you gave us the legitimacy we needed to be able to carry on. You personally just mean everything to me and I just want to get a chance to say that to you.

Stacys: Well, thank you so much Jilly. That is so kind and just make sure that when you’re dishing out that gratitude towards me, you give some back to yourself because I wouldn’t have been here if you didn’t come to me with so much passion and you know, fire and just care for the project and the people around you to do whatever it took to get everyone involved so that this could happen. So thank you for making this amazing legacy.

Cardi: I want to say thank you for all the people that have been a part of [the Hunnys] universe that you’ve built very transparently, very openly. I just also just want to ask: do you ever feel Stacys with this Blockchain NFT thing that there’s something almost magical about? I know this is kind of a crazy question.

Stacys: Yeah I do think about it sometimes, and Fame Lady Society is a great example. So many people have had to put in so much of themselves into one common thing that it didn’t even start as yours. You know, it was this other thing that maybe lots of you didn’t know about at the time, but now you believe in it so much, you care about it so much. You work on it every day, you’re taking it to incredible places and that’s really cool. That is really cool. So, yes, I agree. It’s magical.

Jilly: I really believe that people are underestimating what’s happening right now. Like when I look at what’s going on, I don’t see a bear market. I don’t care, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care what people did, where they are. I don’t care what people say my assets are worth. I know what I’m doing here. I know what this is about, I know what it’s gonna be and I know when I keep showing up every day with the people I love into this space, I’ve seen this pattern over and over and over and over again. And that is that this space is going to reinvent itself and become what we all think it’s gonna be. It’s the same pattern over and over when a bunch of people love something and press forward together, magic happens and that’s what she means by magical, in my opinion.

Cardi: Thanks for showing up Stacys. Thank you Jilly for always showing up. Y’all have a great night. -Cardibee

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