How to Launch a Delayed Reveal NFT Drop

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Class Summary

This assignment is based off of the free Bunny University class provided by the Hunnys NFT team on February 9, 2023 at During the class, we went over how easy it was to set up a Delayed Reveal NFT with the use of We went from start to finish, from the actual contract creation to the process of preparing the delayed reveal mechanism behind the NFT Drop. The assignment below is a way of showing your understanding & comprehension of this topic.

Upon completion of the project, you will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion from the Hunnys NFT team! Simply provide your checklist & minting website to Stacys or Rat Benetar inside of the Hunnys Discord so that it can be reviewed for the receipt of your certificate.


Help Documents

How to Launch a Delayed Reveal (help doc from 

Replay Video of the Class: 

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Example of project in action (while supplies last): 

NFT Token & Contract Creation + Management (Free)

Google Sites (free):

Carrd (Free 7-day trial, then $19/year):


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  1. I have created my free account
  2. I understand the difference between an ERC-721 NFT and an ERC-1155 NFT
  3. I understand the differences between owning my own contract vs. minting directly on OpenSea’s storefront contract
  4. I have deployed my NFT contract on a network (Mainnet or Testnet)
  5. I have uploaded at least 1 NFT to my contract
  6. I understand that I can continually add art to my contract if I wish to continue growing the collection
  7. I understand that using an NFT Drop contract allows me to batch upload & allow for user minting
  8. I let thirdweb randomize my drop order after batch uploading (optional)
  9. I used thirdweb to setup a delayed reveal for my collection
  10. I set up at least 1 claim phase so that my audience can begin minting
  11. I have configured an allowlist for a presale (optional)
  12. I have embedded my minting widget into my website (optional)
  13. I understand that once at least 1 NFT has been minted from my collection, it will now automatically show up on marketplaces such as OpenSea, CoinbaseNFT, Rarible, LooksRare, etc. (optional)
  14. I understand that I can airdrop, burn, or transfer tokens right from my thirdweb dashboard, so long as I currently own those individual tokens
  15. I had fun and look forward to additional Bunny University classes! (optional)