How to launch an Ethereum Contract with Multiple Minters

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Class Summary

This assignment is based off of the free Bunny University class provided by the Hunnys NFT team on October 3, 2022 at During the class, we began by reviewing what the Hunnys Hupe Scouts program is. 

Hupe Scouts is a community-owned NFT collection where multiple people can collectively mint their own individual NFTs into the same, shared collection, provided they meet certain criteria. We then showed you how to make a clone of the project, how to customize it to fit your brand, and how to launch it.

The assignment below is a way of showing your understanding & comprehension of this topic.

Upon completion of the project, you will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion from the Hunnys NFT team! Simply provide your checklist & website to Stacys or Rat Benetar inside of the Hunnys Discord so that it can be reviewed for the receipt of your certificate.


Replay video from the original class: 

Slide deck from the class:
Bunny University #2

“What is Signature-Based Minting?” document from thirdweb: 

Examples of Signature-Based Minting in action:



  1. I have created my free account
  2. I understand the difference between an NFT Drop and Signature-Based Minting
  3. I have deployed my NFT Collection contract on a network (Mainnet or Testnet)
  4. I, or a member of my community, have uploaded at least 1 NFT to my contract
  5. I understand that I, or qualifying community members, can continually add art to this contract if I/we wish to continue growing the collection
  6. I understand that when setting up for Signature-Based Minting requires that I use an NFT Collection contract from thirdweb, and not an NFT Drop contract
  7. I have created a free GitHub account
  8. I have downloaded a Text Editor to view & edit my code
  9. I have made the minimum, requisite updates to my code (Contract Address, Chain, etc.
  10. I edited any aspect of the code outside of the requisite updates (like the styling, the metadata, the password, etc.) (optional)
  11. I launched my website using Vercel, or a comparable service (optional)
  12. I understand that once at least 1 NFT has been minted into my collection, it will now automatically show up on marketplaces such as OpenSea, CoinbaseNFT, Rarible, LooksRare, etc.
  13. I understand that I can airdrop, burn, or transfer tokens right from my thirdweb dashboard, so long as I currently own those individual tokens