Sunday Bunday

🐰Sunday Bunday is the best day of the week. It’s the a weekly holiday in the Bunny Kingdom for everyone to just sparkle out and relax.

👖 On Sunday Bunday you never have to work or lift a finger at all, because the happy-go-lucky Bunday Bot-lers are there to serve us all with joy on their hearts and UwU on their faces! They will bring you anything your heart desires, even pizza and cocktails called “spooky white claw”.

🤖 The Bot-lers work only on this ONE day of the week. So make any requests you please, They will even rub your back and feet while feeding you cotton candy grapes or something else, if that’s not your taste.

🐰The only requirement for Sunday Bunday is that your wear your best Bunny ears, it’s how the Bot-lers know to take all of your requests. Beep boop.

🍱With your Bunny ears on, your all day jammies await you for pure cozy bliss. Go ahead order your fave food- sushi for two but it’s only you? sure thing! They will even press start on your video games. You want some rare space candy from Sweetsville, it’s just a portal hop away.

👑You can have anything you dream of on magical Sunday Bunday!

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