The Bubbly Wubbly

At the edge of the forest sits a whimsical tavern, which looks no bigger than any old outhouse. Yet once you step thru the magic front door, you see a big room with round tables galore.

Two wooden bars run along both side walls, serving ales, cocktails and mocktails, drinks for all!

A fireplace at the end of the room on a stage, where the bands play live music and the warm fires rage.

Jugglers, magicians, acts of all kind, good drinks and better company, the best one can find.

Tall refreshments and bubbly to get warm and wubbly, with deals for close frenz who like their pints doubly.

You’ll ne’er pay full price, if you know the bartenders, only thing you’ll love more, is the fresh chicken tenders!

Big plates and fresh snacks, perfect for sharing, with all of your frenz, come in wonderful pairings!

Chicken and Waffles, Pub Chips and Cheese, Truffle Fries, Garlic Bread, Pizza, Yes Please!

Giant pretzels, mini sliders, a soup or a salad, dine and be merry as the bard slings a ballad.

Locals and travelers from both near and far, cherish memories with frenz they’ve made at this bar.

From adventures, to debauchery, and characters mystique, down at the tavern you’ll find what you seek.

Tho too many quarts make ones memory a’bit rubbly… but at least you’ll find some fun, at the ol’ Bubbly Wubbly.

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