Vega Prime

Vega Prime is a planet located in the Vega Star System. It is home to a wide variety of inhabitants, including both post-humans and borgs. Post-humans are highly augmented humans, while borgs are fully artificial beings created in labs. The most advanced city on Vega Prime is called The Grid, which is known for its towering skyscrapers and advanced technology. The Grid is also known for its high levels of white-collar crime, with many powerful business people and corrupt back room dealings.

The planet is primarily a foggy, dark and dusty place, having a large number of abandoned industrial areas that are now being used as illegal racing tracks for Mecha racing, which is a popular sport among the inhabitants of the planet.

Vega Prime is a dark planet due to its proximity to a black hole. The planet is located in a region of space where the intense gravitational pull of the black hole causes a constant eclipse-like effect on the planet.
Vega Prime is located at a safe distance from a nearby black hole. The gravitational pull and radiation levels of the black hole are not strong enough to cause significant harm to the inhabitants or the planet itself. However, there are other planets located closer to the black hole that are not as fortunate. These planets are highly radiated and dangerous, with mutant species roaming the surface. These planets are often visited by bounty hunters who scavenge the wreckage of crashed ships and collect rare resources that cannot be found elsewhere. Despite the proximity to a black hole, Vega Prime remains a thriving and relatively safe planet thanks to its distance from the destructive forces of the black hole.

The Grid, the largest city on Vega Prime, is a sprawling metropolis filled with towering skyscrapers and sprawling strips of neon signs. The streets are always busy, with a constant stream of post-humans, borgs, and other artificial beings going about their daily business. Despite the darkness, the neon lights of The Grid give the city a vibrant and bustling feel. The city is divided into various districts, with each district having its own unique character and atmosphere. The business district is known for its high-end shops and corporate headquarters, while the entertainment district is known for its clubs, bars, and other nightlife venues.

The planet’s primary industry is technology and specifically, Dubious Robotics, a mega corporation that supplies 99% of the planet’s AI systems and has a near monopoly over the industry. This corporation is somewhat oligarchical in nature and has a significant amount of control over the planet’s economy and politics.

The Grid is a bustling and vibrant city that never sleeps.

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